Kala Namak

120.00 Per Kg

Uttar Pradesh

When Gautam Budhha visited Kapilvastu for first time after attaining enlightenment, he gave the grains of Kala Namak to the local people and asked them to sow it. This grain is often called ‘Buddha’s Gift’ and was also found in a kitchen store of a house in UP in one of the excavations. With the husk being black and the ability to grow in saline soils, this grain was appropriately called Kala (black) and Namak (salt). This fragrant grain was granted Geographical Indication (GI) tag in 2012. It is considered one of the finest rice varieties in the international market, people suffering from kidney problems and those with skin and blood-related ailments are advised to consume this variety of rice.
Tags: Fragrant, Brown Rice, Kidney Problems, Blood Related Ailments

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Additional information

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