Kamini Bhog

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West Bengal

In the historical novel ‘Goddess of Fire’ set in 17th Century India, author Bharti Kirchner writes about a kitchen team getting ready for a very important dinner.
“We are short on time.”Idris remarked. He cocked his head one side. “We can’t spend hours shopping.”
Tariq, distracted from me for the time being, answered, “I’ll ask the grocers to deliver all the necessary ingredients to our doorstep. They’ll each get a substantial gratuity for that.”
Pratap, usually reserved, badgered Tariq with an additional request, his voice ringing with obedience. “Will you make sure we get golden raisins?”
Jas chimed in: “oh, and nothing but the Kamini Bhog variety of rice, please!”

Kamini Bhog was and still is reserved for those special occasions in many parts of India. Though not as popular as Gobinda Bhog, this glutinous rice originating in from the Sundarbans grows in deep water. This bold scented rice, is often parboiled or made into rice flakes (chira) and are used extensively in rituals.

Cooking Instructions

Soak the Kamini Bhog rice for 2 hours before cooking. Cook it in the ratio of 1: 3 (For 1 cup rice, add 3 cups water). Please adjust the water ratio according to your preference.

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Additional information

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