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Uttar Pradesh

Sukhdas was cultivated in Oudh (Kannauj to Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, India). This white-grained, delicate, scented rice was cooked in the royal kitchen for Emperor Akbar. There is a mention in the document in Ain-i-Akbari written by Abul Fazl Allami around 1590 AD which gives an idea of how rice cultivars were obtained for the imperial kitchen during Akbar’s period. “. . . at the beginning of every quarter, the Diwan-i-buyutat and the Mir Bakawal collect whatever they think will be necessary; e.g. Sukhdas rice from Bharaij (present-day Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh), Dewzira rice from Gwaliar (Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh), Jinjin rice from Rajori . ..” Sukhdas continued to be famous throughout the 17th century and kings, nobles and the common men, all appreciated its taste, flavour and delicacy. The Sukhdas rice travelled from the kitchen of the Nawabs of Oudh to kitchens and farms of the Nawabs of Arcot. Today, we grow this rare seed in a small village located in the heart of the Delta region, called Manjakkudi.
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