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Thooyamalli, a traditional rice variety, gets its name from its striking resemblance to jasmine buds. Thooyamalli is a tasty rice that strengthens the nerves in the body. Loaded with medicinal benefits, this grain delays ageing of internal organs, keeps the mind active and skin healthy. The oil present in parboiled Thooyamalli rice helps lower harmful cholesterol levels and blood pressure, whilst raising the levels of healthy HDL cholesterol.

Cooking Instructions

Soak the Thooyamalli Raw rice for 2-3 hours before cooking. Cook it in the ratio of 1:4 (For 1 cup rice, add 4 cups water). Please adjust the water ratio according to your preference.

Tags: Brown Rice, Everyday Table Rice, Iddly, Dosa, Cholestrol

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Additional information

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