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A research conducted by the Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya (IGKV), Raipur and the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Mumbai in 2018, revealed that three heritage rice varieties of Chhattisgarh – Gathwan, Maharaji and Laicha – have the ability to fight cancer.
The rice variety ‘Laicha’ was given its name because of its ability to prevent skin diseases. However, this research points out that, between the three heritage rice varieties tested, Laicha was found to be the most effective in preventing the proliferation of cancer cells and destroying them.
In ancient Indian records such as Susrutha Samhitha and Charaka Samhitha of about 10,00 BC, there were records of using rice for medicinal purposes. Laicha and Navara from Kerala are examples of rice used in the preparation of medicines, for both consumption and external application. So, this research, done in 2018, is further proof that heritage rice is healthy.

Cooking Instructions

Soak the Laicha Raw polished rice for 10 minutes before cooking. Cook it in the ratio of 1:2.5 (For 1 cup rice, add 2.5 cups water). Please adjust the water ratio according to your preference.

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